However old makeup differs from winter


Protect our aging body with external influences - one of the general functions of a skin. Why, during a year it has to replace, adjusting to seasonal changes in a environment. Support the health and fine of the facial skin and thus, helps correct home attention.

A warmer is on a street, the more our facial skin requires extra moisture. Dense nutrient cream, which supports the face in winter, in source it is no longer so important, it is time to switch to a lighter in texture means. In a source it is along possible to use serum, emulsion, which are easily engrossed and does not aggravate a facial skin. Those who work in a office, should be reserved by thermal h2o. Читать полностью -->

Buckwheat in the food of child


From early childhood, any of us believe that buckwheat is highly useful. But what is the value of a simple product, a put that is always on our desk? Tasty and nutritious meals made from buckwheat centuries valued in. Remember the adage, "Buckwheat - our mum?"

Nutritionists argue that the composition of buckwheat however a full, that may substitute fresh meat fresh food or just harmoniously complement the regular menu of a person. It is important to learn as to store and make buckwheat to conserve its healthy properties.

Presently this cereal porridge - a symbol of simple weekly fresh food. In the world of buckwheat is listed already with the elite lustiness foods and are more expensive than regular food.

In any European supermarkets sell buckwheat in little portions with a bulk of its booklet good affinity. How, on a shelves of stores which would get been no buckwheat - it is our national symbol edible, in other languages??it sounds simple: «kasha».

But buckwheat does not possess to be porridge. Читать полностью -->

Treatment of Clubfoot


Clubfoot Treatment need get as soon so potential later birth, so stop to grow meticulously and can carry loads that are sufficient for walking, jumping and any other activity.

Traditional treatments incorporate fixation of foot plasters, tires, however properly however surgery. At a 1st appointment a medical man hand gives a baby's foot position brings it to a rightly, so records the plaster or splints. In this position, the stop is following to a reception, which is prescribed in 1-2 weeks. Then retentive bandage is removed, a foot is recovering a bit and fixed again.

The average treatment takes from 2 to 4 months, at any visit stop getting closer to its ordinary position. At a end of the tire used to prevent recurrence.

Unfortunately, quite frequently by foot "refuses" to put the rightly position, however you get to resort to surgery. The operation gives a normal form of a baby's foot, but next stop is more rigid and harder than ordinary, weaker and ofttimes hurts.

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How old makeup differs with winter


Also in a nourishing creams must be included vitamin supplements. Most ofttimes it is vitamin A, which promote the synthesis of new facial skin cells, and vitamin E, which is well-fed and moisturizing.

For female facial skin creams, particularly the summer, look for sebostaticheskie components: extracts of chamomile, calendula, arnica, myrrh, burdock, lime. You control a production of sebum, have mattifying affinity.


In a source we all really request to substitute the skin to a sun, but our skin tells us to "thank you", if earlier we apply a fluid with SPF. Sun protection is required for all, even office workers who spend all day in the placement. But, choosing a level of protection, of course, need to consider your lifestyle. You work in a office, in the garden or spend a holiday by a sea, get to work on foot, subway or car, etc.

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Mums share the experience: how to face from the hospital


Time, when a mom is discharged with a hospital with a newborn in her arms - a very memorable and significant. In the end, it is the entry into a new your and a reason to be proud! For father and close statement is no less important, which is why you are frequently placed a original meeting of mom and newborn.

If the birthday took place naturally and without complications (no breaks and no stitches), the mother may write on the third day. If a baby was born by Caesarean section, the time will last up to a 7 days. These terms are relevant, provided that in both cases a child is healthy and does not demand additional monitoring and upkeep. Otherwise, crumbs may either leave a babies's service (and mom to write), or transferred to Children's Hospital.

If a birthday was planned and on time, then ideally you enjoy a home to be collected all a necessary things for discharge. If labor is caught by surprise a family, it is serious, but a nice download falls on a husband and / or relatives.

- Car Seat

Moms and dads are required to install a car seat for newborns in a car, which will go home with the baby. Читать полностью -->

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