May chocolate nursing?


According to many mums and professionals, there are items that most ofttimes cause reactions in babies (rash, cramps, agitation). These products ofttimes incorporate chocolate. Is this true? May I fresh-feeding chocolate?

A question "May chocolate nursing?" Meets consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breastfeeding "Project ProGV", member of a professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

In a West, there is no such item as a "list of foods that mom at GW should be completely avoided," and most nursing mothers can eat anything they want. It is impossible to give general council on nutrition to all mums at once, because the aging body of each newborn is unique: it responded to a child, may not ignore a other.

If someone in your family has an allergy, then the newborn is more likely to react to a item. Perhaps, so, you'll enjoy to give up approximately items or use them in small quantities, but so again, these items will be different for any child. According to many moms and professionals, there are products that most ofttimes cause reactions in infants (rash, cramps, agitation). Читать полностью -->

How old makeup differs from winter


Summer for mitt upkeep serum is desirable to apply a lighter texture. Approximately cosmetic companies enjoy separate mitt creams for winter and summer. Choosing the cream at a store, make sure that its composition does not include glycerin. This insidious component. The first effect is that you get by using a cream with glycerin - polish and silky skin. But in a long term, it is harmful to a skin, so it prevents a penetration of oxygen and accelerates aging.

Meticulously chosen home maintenance facilities are sometimes able to bring your skin more great than professional treatments that are done with time to time. Читать полностью -->

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