Among Strangers


If you still had a courage to be at a moms and dads' meeting, be sure that you will not regret a single minute of a time spent. 1-st of all, you will be ensuring note fairer sex. In a eyes of many mums immediately you will find the features of the ideal father, and that you will give you a example of his own negligent husbands. And a ratio of educators to you and to the daze certainly improve. A chief item is do not get lost and behave confidently.

That's simple set up of rules that are worth remembering:

• Do not pick up an invitation to a meeting of moms and dads how a subpoena. Pass sentence and punish mothers with fathers out there no one is going. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: hair maintenance following giving birthday


In addition to hormonal changes, there are other factors that can as well play a negative role.

- After giving birth, the female body needs about time to restore a balance of micro-, macro-elements and vitamins. Because of the lack of significant minerals and substances can suffer thin hair and nails.

- The soundness of a thin hair (however well as nails and facial skin) affects the main condition of my mom. Adapting to a new life and a new regimen, stress, chronic fatigue and constant lack of sleep - all of which can be a cause for increased thin hair loss.

- If a girl gave birth by Caesarean section with basic anesthesia, it may as well be a consequence of the deterioration of the hair.

- Fresh-feeding also may not help but reflect on my mother's face. In warm milk mom gives a lot of their nutrients and, so, it want constantly replenish their stock to grasp not only the baby but also to herself. If a aging body is experiencing an acute shortage of nutrients, it begins to signal to the hair loss and other ailments (headaches, etc.). Because of the lack of fluent thin hair become very dry, brittle, and if a some salt, the hair loses elasticity and strength.

Rapid deterioration of a hair and hair loss - a organic process, and, most importantly, time. Читать полностью -->

For Dads


Eyes met with the teacher, do not take your eye, do not lower your head and do not slouch. Safely and confidently be into her eyes.

• Hearing a name of the child, do not look around, though it's not you, his father, and does not pretend not to keep heard the 1st time. Most importantly - keep a proud facial skin, regardless of what you tell around a beloved successor. If your baby suddenly praise, knowing smile and quietly give thanks for the good assessment.

• Do not worry if following a meeting, a teacher suddenly asks you to linger. Most likely, you will enjoy to help her run furniture in the playroom or correct sagging eaves. Sincere thanks, and, hence, goodness disposition of a teacher, any time bringing up your baby - good worth paying for such a simple job.

• Do not be late and do not move away from the meeting before all. Читать полностью -->

However old makeup differs from winter


Protect our aging body with external influences - one of the general functions of a skin. Why, during a year it has to replace, adjusting to seasonal changes in a environment. Support the health and fine of the facial skin and thus, helps correct home attention.

A warmer is on a street, the more our facial skin requires extra moisture. Dense nutrient cream, which supports the face in winter, in source it is no longer so important, it is time to switch to a lighter in texture means. In a source it is along possible to use serum, emulsion, which are easily engrossed and does not aggravate a facial skin. Those who work in a office, should be reserved by thermal h2o. Читать полностью -->

Moms share the experience: a bag to the hospital


Earlier delivery

If you choose to pre-hospital, be sure to ask what kind of items are permitted to bring on labor. A fact is that every hospital rules and conditions which need be guided by collecting bag. As it is consummate to agree in progress. In a case, this list is normally extremely limited. Later you will understand that none of you will not be wearing a bag of pre-natal department to a family and then in a post-partum. You yourself will forget where it was put, came to the hospital. Читать полностью -->



Catch rotaviruses (pathogens so-called "intestinal flu"), the child may by all means - by air, dirty hands or food. Infection penetrates a mucous membrane of a gastrointestinal tract. Medical statistics say that each newborn in the world carries rotavirus infection, and a annual number of cases reported how big how 25 million virus sooner or later appear in nurseries, kindergartens or schools. If a baby is infected, most importantly - give him aqua downloading and drinking liquids to replenish fluid loss, better - with a use of particular solutions ("Rehydron"). May also be suitable drugs cleaning action (sorbents) and eubiotics (bifidobacteria). Besides it is necessary to comply with a strict diet so prescribed by a physician. Читать полностью -->

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