Mums share your experience: as to face with a hospital


Time, when the mum is discharged from the hospital with a child in her arms - a extremely memorable and important. In the end, it is the entry into a new your and a cause to be proud! For father and close statement is no less important, which is why they are ofttimes placed a original meeting of mom and baby.

If a birthday took place naturally and without complications (no breaks and no stitches), the mother may write on a 3-rd time. If the newborn was born by Caesarean section, a time will finish up to a 7 days. These terms are relevant, provided that in both cases the baby is healthy and does not claim additional monitoring and care. Otherwise, crumbs may either leave the infants's department (and mum to write), or transferred to Children's Hospital.

If a birth was planned and on time, so ideally you have a home to be collected all the indispensable things for discharge. If labor is caught by surprise the family, it is significant, but a lovely download falls on the husband and / or relatives.

- Car Seat

Moms and dads are required to install a car seat for newborns in a car, which will go home with the baby. Читать полностью -->

Can I color my hair nursing?


Also, nursing mums who keep decided to change the thin hair color, you want to keep in mind what may be quite various, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In any case, the option is his mother. Of course, beautiful and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At the like time, gerls during pregnancy and lactation on the beautiful and harmonious nature, for in this technique to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic needs.

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Mothers share the experience: a bag to a hospital


For the newborn

You may enjoy collected two sets of things: for a child in a hospital and at discharge. If a 1st install so you will require the same time so the above things, a other - It is possible to convey a husband or mum on the day of discharge. Toddler dressed in beautiful clothes once before you are discharged with the hospital. By the method, to a same put earlier and a clothes in which you are going to leave a hospital and have congratulations husband and relatives.

How, what is valuable newborn in the hospital:

• Establish of clothes (depending on time of year) or body vests, diapers, socks, "antitsarapki" couple bonnets first sizing.

• Diaper least 4 items: 2 cotton flannel and 2 sizes 60x90, in a lot of hospitals you are.

• Newborn diapers for babies (2 to 5 kilogram), 20-25 items.

• Cotton swabs with stop and cotton pads.

• Particular scissors for nail.

Prepare the aging body to extract / jumpsuit, hat / cap and envelope (winter / summer version, look for the weather).

We listed all the things that are most likely to be good in a hospital, based on a comments in our mums collecting experience. However, we may not fail to mention some of a other tips that may be valuable in preparing expectant mothers for childbirth.

Serum for stretch marks will help the skin to return to its former state, will dish up so prevention of unpleasant consequences of pregnancy. The basic thing is to find a time for it at the hospital.

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