Mums share their experience: thin hair attention after giving birth



I do my good mask at home from organic REPAIRS!


Tatiana Rada all!

With my nails all was in order, but following a thin hair comes with a tremendous fall out. A blessing I have a personal hairdresser, experienced young girl who advised me a few recipes that helped me lots. Can they still be useful to someone.

1st technique: nettle brew, let cool so sluice it throw this soup, like Thirty minutes, you can rinse with water, and it is good to very dry yourself. Repeat these procedures every 2 hours.

Second technique is warmed burdock. Rub the head. 1:00 to go. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share your experience: a bag to the hospital


Expectant moms in the third trimester of time to prepare for a birth, and not only morally, but literally - collecting bag with all the necessary items. In order not to make a fuss and not panic, before going to a hospital, make sure that the bag has been collected in advance and calmly waited for a "star" hours. What exactly you request to bring to the hospital? We gathered opinions and rewarding experience mothers online and made a list, without which it is hardly potential to do in these any significant times in the lives of gerls and newborns.


Most importantly, what may not be forgotten at gatherings. Moreover, a habit of borrowing in a last week of wear, all collected in a daddy and I've found documents with me. You never know when they may start labor. As, a list of documents:

• passport;

• medical policy;

• exchange card;

• maternity certificate;

• a contract for a delivery (if you entered into).

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Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, cheese souffle

500 grams of curds,

200 grams of buckwheat,

4 cups of natural milk,

200 grams natural butter,

3 egg

0.5 a cup of saccharose,

Sol to taste.

Wipe the cheese in a blender, mash buckwheat and sifted done a sieve. Natural milk to seethe. Absorb the buckwheat mealy in the natural milk, add the natural butter. Until the resulting mix is languishing, separate yolks with whites. Combining a cooled mass with grated cottage cheese, egg yolks and cane sugar and blend correctly. Chilled whites beaten with salt and evenly pour them into a general cheese and buckwheat mixture. Читать полностью -->



An momentous advantage of cereals industrial production - which does not require preparation, preparation. Mom must be diluted with warm h2o, dry porridge (the temperature is usually indicated on the package), gently stir a mixture to avoid lumps, and all the vitamins remain in the plate. When choosing cereal crumbs to give preference to items of known and trusted manufacturers.

Dairy-free meals that do not contain gluten (this is especially the case buckwheat), are hypoallergenic. They may be used in a regimen of healthy children so a kind of first feeding. But most importantly, you may as well be used in the nutrition of infants at risk for a growth of food allergies and food-allergic children.

1st introduced to a dairy-free newborn porridge, after crumbs 3 months old, can be administered in the diet of natural milk porridge industrial production. Remember that whole milk for preparation porridge at home may be used only if a child is a year old. Читать полностью -->

All size role-playing games for kids


We all understand as momentous it is for a child, especially the role-playing game. In it, he models the life situations of your lives, finds a technique out of them, learning to communicate, preparing for adult life. It can be said that during the role-play in the child's socialization occurs to some extent - a accumulation of social experience and its application.

Develop fantasy role playing kid expand his horizons. With these games It is possible to even organize a child's education. In addition, role-playing games may provide a wealth of information on how babies see your family relationships in her that he likes, or, conversely, are concerned. Watching a child's play, you can draw conclusions size the developmental and mental heartiness of the newborn, his character and temperament.

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