Can chocolate nursing?


True, there is a belief that a chocolate itself rarely causes allergies, most ofttimes it is from the addition of a dye, fillers, flavors or preservatives. Pure dark chocolate want contain cocoa mass, powdered saccharose and cocoa a butter. Try it just such an variation. Sometimes mothers get noted that colored chocolate child responds, and the milk or white - no. All this can only be determined empirically.

Nursing mother is very significant to be happy and energetic. You need not deny yourself the pleasure just because the favorite is on the list of potentially allergenic foods. Читать полностью -->

Ponseti Technique


This way of treatment of congenital clubfoot developed by American physician Ignacio Ponseti, and differs from a traditional enhanced understanding of the functional anatomy of the foot. Ponseti technique for the treatment must be started at the age of 1-2 week, and strictly comply with a doctor's prescription.

Ponseti technique in most cases, do without major surgery, limited only by percutaneous Achilles notch to increase its length. Foot cured by this way are more flexible and strength, as rightly however less hurt than traditional surgery.

Ponseti technique, however rightly so traditional, a first phase includes gypsum foot from the toes to a upper thigh. So, in this technique, the position of a bones of the foot is corrected in another technique: in some planes. A physician who practices this technique need get careful training. Just to correct foot position to replace 6-7 minutes a plaster cast, every time changing a position of the foot and stretching a ligaments in a exceptional way.

When a correct position is to some degree, the doctor conducts a cut Achilles tendon (tenotomy) to give the foot more freedom. Читать полностью -->

Can chocolate nursing?


According to a lot of mothers and professionals, there are items that most often cause reactions in infants (rash, cramps, agitation). These items frequently incorporate chocolate. Is this true? Can I breast-feeding chocolate?

The problem "Can chocolate nursing?" Meets consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breastfeeding "Project ProGV", member of the professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

In a West, there is no such thing as a "list of foods that mom at GW should be completely avoided," and most nursing moms may eat anything you want. It is impossible to give chief council on nutrition to all moms at once, because a body of every child is unique: it responded to a baby, may not ignore a other.

If someone in a family has an allergy, so a baby is more likely to react to a product. Perhaps, so, you'll get to give up any products or apply them in small quantities, but so again, these items will be variant for every baby. According to many mothers and professionals, there are items that most frequently cause reactions in children (rash, cramps, agitation). Читать полностью -->

As old makeup differs from winter



In winter, a apply of moisturizers was associated with some limitations. Moisturizing ingredients in a cold-blooded shape microcrystals, which may damage the epidermis, provoking the externality of microcracks. To give a skin a indispensable moisture and it does not hurt her in a coldness, windy weather, moisturizer should be applied at night, or at least 20-30 minutes before going outside. This time is indispensable to it to absorb. But with a advent of heat moisturizer becomes a primary means of care, and it may be applied at the time of day, and for dry face - and several times a day.


Winter first, we applied a nourishing serum and moisturizer in the evening. In source all a method around. Читать полностью -->

What are these rules?


- Good apply bezammiachnoy paint or ink on a natural basis (henna, Basma). This will not only protect yourself and the child, but as well take upkeep of a thin hair.

- Before painting it would be fine to hold a standard test for an allergic reaction. Even if you have used this paint before, checking does not hurt, because the changed hormones may lead to unexpected reactions.

- Provide consummate thin hair coloring in a right-ventilated space. By this measure, It is possible to cut the concentration of volatile toxic substances that evaporate in a coloring process.

- Later this proceedings, it would be nice to walk in the fresh air.

- Depending on a age of a baby, It is possible to consider my mum to express her portion of milk in progress, in case if the child is hungry during or immediately following the staining procedure.

Also, nursing mums who possess decided to replace the hair color, you must to keep in mind what can be quite variant, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In any case, a selection is his mum. Of course, beautiful and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At a same time, gerls during pregnancy and lactation on the lovely and harmonious nature, for in this method to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic needs.

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