Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, curds souffle

500 g of cheese,

200 g of buckwheat,

4 cups of natural milk,

200 g the butter,

3 eggs

Half a cup of cane sugar,

Salt to tasting.

Wipe the curds in a blender, mash buckwheat and sifted through a sieve. Milk to boil. Absorb a buckwheat mealy in the natural milk, append the a butter. Until a resulting mixture is languishing, separate yolks from whites. Combining a cooled mass with grated cottage cheese, egg yolks and sugar and blend properly. Chilled whites beaten with sol and evenly pour them into the general cheese and buckwheat mixing. Baking dish greased with butter and put in it a resulting "dough." Broil 15-20 min at 180 ° C. Dish up delicate souffle can garnish with berries and melon, whipped cream or chocolate.

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