Moms share your experience: thin hair attention of the giving birth


Hair of the childbirth: the treatment of folk remedies

There are many ways to restore hair in the home. It is possible to start by wash the hair decoction or particular restorative shampoo with added herbal extracts.



I drank vitamin with calcium, eat cottage cheese (yes, he told me not bored during pregnancy), soap head herbal decoctions.

All tips with mothers

To strengthen the hair, and in particular the root, you can apply the everlasting grandmother's formula covers with organic ingredients. Here are any of them:

- 1 boiled egg assorted with 1 spoon of natural honey and use on the thin hair for 20 min before washing, wearing with plastic cap, following time rinse shampoo.

- Soak in soft water or soup burdock roots rye fresh bread, a resulting slurry is used to a thin hair for 15 minutes earlier ablution.

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