Ponseti Technique


This way of treatment of congenital clubfoot developed by American physician Ignacio Ponseti, and differs from a traditional enhanced understanding of the functional anatomy of the foot. Ponseti technique for the treatment must be started at the age of 1-2 week, and strictly comply with a doctor's prescription.

Ponseti technique in most cases, do without major surgery, limited only by percutaneous Achilles notch to increase its length. Foot cured by this way are more flexible and strength, as rightly however less hurt than traditional surgery.

Ponseti technique, however rightly so traditional, a first phase includes gypsum foot from the toes to a upper thigh. So, in this technique, the position of a bones of the foot is corrected in another technique: in some planes. A physician who practices this technique need get careful training. Just to correct foot position to replace 6-7 minutes a plaster cast, every time changing a position of the foot and stretching a ligaments in a exceptional way.

When a correct position is to some degree, the doctor conducts a cut Achilles tendon (tenotomy) to give the foot more freedom. This process is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Once the correct position of a feet is reached, a newborn need wear the brace, which are the metal bar with shoes for feet, placed at a certain angle. At this phase, a responsibility for the treatment goes with medical man to parents, they want clearly follow and adhere strictly to wear the brace.

Despite the fact that the child's feet after a course of casts seem already recovered, wearing a brace is to prevent re-clubfoot.

At a start of braces need be worn by a baby 23 hours daily, then it is time gradually shortened to two years is normally enough to wear them alone for a night's sleep. Depending on a treatment of clubfoot must continue to 2-4 or even 5 years.

Relapses occur in around 6 out of 100 children treated by the Ponseti approach. In this case, can help re-rate casts, usually shorter, and once again wearing the brace.

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