Can coffee pregnant?


Presently this issue is more noticeable, however a lot of girls are malnourished, are sitting on a diet, are afraid to have better and try to match a glossy models. It is very concerned size us, and doctors. In the future, these women resign himself to osteoporosis, fractures, bone pain, small metabolism, skin wrinkles, deep immunity. Therefore, it is serious to remember that a stock calcium formed about the size of 30 years, and then only a calcium consumed, with approximately 1% a year, that is, to 40 years in calcium to be 10%, and by 50 - 20% less. The best prevention of the effects of a milk ration to 25-30 years.

So, a next mom of coffee need be drunk with milk or cream in order to compensate for the loss of calcium.

Here are a any nuances of coffee during pregnancy:

• So a lot of cups of coffee can not afford a pregnant girl 18 years old? One, up to 3 cups a day and, most importantly, not at night.

• caffeine in coffee helps to increase blood pressure, and the pressure during pregnancy frequently however high, however with a refreshing drink want be abandoned.

• Coffee as well has a diuretic capacity. So drink is for those who enjoy deep blood pressure, edema.

• If pregnancy toxemia accompanied with cramps, headaches, nausea and vomiting, you should abstain from coffee.

• When gastritis with big acidity or ulcer coffee is contraindicated, since it increases a acidity of gastric nectar, particularly on an empty stomach.

Coffee contains kofestol - a substance that increases a level of cholesterol by drinking 5-6 cups of coffee daily. This is true for gerls after the age of 35-40 years.

Tip: Replace a chicory coffee or cocoa - in these drinks a lot of calcium and veggie protein, however they are considered to be more beneficial than coffee.

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