The most common cause of fever - a viral infection.


Most frequently, even before a face of outward symptoms (eg fever or cough), my mom was already a carrier of a virus, which means that the baby has been exposed to a possibility of infection. When the body is faced with any infection, it starts a process of antibody production. These antibodies into the body of the child through fresh milk. They will help your baby not to get sick or to transfer a disease are relatively mild.

However for temperature, it is a kind of organic defenses against infection. During a illness of the hypothalamus increases a body temperature as that the aging body can produce substances it demands to combat a disease.

In turn, the rapid weaning is due to raise a temperature may be quite traumatic for a soundness of both mum and newborn. Mother can swell a chest that in itself increases a likelihood of mastitis. A child at a termination GW lose protective antibodies, but will still be affected by viruses. As it is influential not to stop breast-feeding, and continue applying the newborn on require.

If a temperature rose to highs, and you decide to reduce its medical abortion regimen, It is possible to take (but with caution) drug that is compatible with breastfeeding, like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Well-being to you and a newborn!

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