The best present for grandma


A kindergarten and the school they were gifts, built with his own hands in class work. My small grandmother watched misunderstanding produced by me, and generously took him in makarinski praising: "Correctly, thank you! That's grandma pleased! "1st time so exhibits were shown my gifts to guests who, in turn, trying to make my grandma pleasant, praised her needlework sleepy granddaughter. And it lasted a long time, until one time one of my grandmother's friends did not declare, "Well, as did she those postcards (aprons, potholders, towels, coasters, nightgowns) will give? It seems to be really big girl, it's time for anything effective for my grandmother thought it? "

My grandma told me a story with indignation, accusing a friend of cynicism and a rest of the mortal sins. And I had to complete a cycle of master classes "do it yourself" and go to a primary accumulation of capital to buy presents. Save easily, fed moms and dads, scholarship increased, in a word - in what does not deny. That izmudryalas granddaughter so she could. Sew love babulechka? So we will make a present to the segment flannel robe. Today - in the segment flannel robe, a year - on segments flannel robe. In a third year my grandmother prayed and asked me a issue, What is a cause my stable selection. "Uh-uh, - I opened my mouth and found nothing complete than to repeat the tone of the wolf with" Little Red Riding Hood. " - It was warmer to you. " "Understand-a-atno - handed back my grandma tactful and hid in the closet segment in addition to a previous 2. Now the warmth enveloped me, to be exact - a heat. I felt ashamed of my confidence in a fact that I certainly know exactly what she wanted.

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