The progress of auditory perception.


Do not ask a newborn turn off a sound during a game or do it too quiet. A combination of a sound signal with a certain action will help the child to anticipate certain events: a fall of a character, to overcome the obstacles, etc.

• Memory training.

Tasks that require remember a location of objects, well cultivate on the visual memory and help the child to learn to absorb new knowledge. The basis of such programs is a well-known game "Memory", which is a field with inverted "shirt" down cards. In one move, you can open alone two cards: if the images match, a player will receive a point. The one who remembers the fastest location of images and pick up a largest number of pairs.

• A development of nice motor skills.

Managing a small but clever mouse helps a fingers to be nimble and teaches them to act not alone in harmony, but strictly on a queue. Watching the child, It is possible to trace the evolution of the hand with a slap on a keyboard with his palm to a exact pressure required button with one finger.

• Study of letters and numbers.

Pressing variant keys helps a newborn spontaneously remember approximately of the characters.

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